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Many people have not contacted their Chamber of Commerce in Braidwood or, for that matter, even know that it exists.  What is a Chamber of Commerce? In short, it is an organization comprised of local people and business owners that is voluntary and not-for-profit, and is dedicated to the development of business growth and the economic environment of a community. The Chamber of Commerce in Braidwood, IL. is a compilation of members consisting of local manufacturing, government, park districts and service organizations. Attending regular Chamber of Commerce meetings is a positive source of networking creating business relationships of all types. Local businesses of all types benefit from being a member of this organization so that their departmental contact names and specific criteria are available to and noticed by the community.
Filming of Planes, Trains & Automobiles
     Old Train Depot turned into                   
The Braidwood Area Historical Society
      Tammens Blueberry Picking
Chamber Events and Projects
Business Person of the Year
Grand Marshall for Lions Summerfest Parade
Memorial Day Service
Red Carpet Corridor
Christmas Parade
Planters on Main Street
Small Business Saturday